Stars4Smiles – Supporting Ill Children’s Families

Children are supposed to be the image of vitality and a looking glass into the future of the world. Despite their often vibrant and energetic personalities, some children are diagnosed with a rare illness or experience medical trauma that requires hospitalization. Sometimes these processes are long and arduous for both the youngsters and also their families. They are often terrifying for children and no less than draining and frustrating for families. The fees could be considerable and Children’s Charities focus on providing support to those children through children’s research hospitals throughout the country. Charities often enlist the assistance of big-name talent to get their needs front and center. works with numerous of these kind-hearted and generous celebrities. They present Stars4Smiles another chance to support families through this difficult time.

A sick child’s day is dramatically brightened by a celebrity visit. For this reason, celebrities using their fame to positively impact children is at the middle of Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles. When Stars4Smiles was made, president and founder Rita Tateel (President of, setup celebrity visits to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach. These visits were coordinated around the activities at the nearby Toyota Gran Prix of Long Beach. Arranging for celebrities to spend time with sick children is so essential to Stars4Smiles. It’s because of this that they arrange their celebrity visits, along with much help from Stars4Smiles’ generous sponsors are what make it feasible to bring joy to lots of sick children in hospitals. There are many children’s charities, especially in Los Angeles, that arrange for celebrities to use their fame when visiting sick children but no one is as experienced as Stars4Smiles. is a very large a part of what makes Stars4Smiles so effective in bringing pleasure to sick children in hospitals.

Stars4Smiles does more than just send the largest names in to meet with youngsters and entertain them. That goal is often enough to alter the day of a child fighting illness. It’s not, however, enough for the project directors to feel that they’re truly providing an advantage to these children in need. In reality, the individuals at knew that they may be able to provide more to all these children than hugs and handshakes. Through their principal sponsors, they’re able to provide toys to children who’re staying in hospitals who might not have access to new entertainment. They include transportation to and from doctor’s visits through major automobile sponsors who offer accessible vehicles for young people in need. Like many Children’s Charities, every service that they provide is free. The big names help to raise awareness of the purpose of this organization.

Celebrities who support programs like Stars4Smiles are going to do it for many reasons. Sometimes, they’ve personally been affected by childhood pain and suffering. Some times, they simply appreciate the opportunity to spend time with children who have endured through difficult times. Additionally, they fully understand that their presence is often successful at brining awareness to the charity or hospital that they are visiting. Celebrities who attend those programs and events to distribute toys and ensure transportation with are invited to participate. They’re never required to come. Their participation signals a dedication to human kind and Children’s Charities that can’t be forced upon anyone. Furthermore, their interaction with these young people provides a morale boost. However, the celebrities often leave inspired as well.

The internal gratification that many celebrities get from supporting Children’s Charities is limitless and invaluable. However, they are aware they’re doing much more than raising their own spirits. Beyond just the spirits of the young people whom they directly communicate with, celebrities understand their power to drive awareness to the demands of children. This awareness then often becomes donations of cash, goods and services, and these services lighten the burden on families. Many families simply can’t afford treatment for his or her children that isn’t covered by their insurance. This includes many treatments that can be found at research hospitals. The difficult work that these special guests who partner with do for organizations like Stars4Smiles ensures that children get the procedure that they will need. Sick children deserve to be able to get better regardless of their capability to pay.

Though they are often blessed with bountiful means and lots of luxuries, spending time with a children’s hospital or at a Children’s Charity event isn’t a required activity for celebrities. Actually, they could skip over it entirely without many individuals even noticing. That being said, many do not, and is fortunate to have organized events for several of these incredibly giving people. They operate with organizations like Stars4Smiles to bring gifts, offer transportation and boost the spirits of these tiny fighters. They may be the celebrities but the children are the stars when Stars4Smiles reaches them. Smiles truly are the call of a day and the healthcare facility guests do their best to ensure that these children go on to smile with huge, beaming grins. Celebrity support brings awareness to the demands of Children’s Charities. They make sure that families have what they should to support their child through this difficult time.

Stars4Smiles – Supporting Ill Children’s Families