Stars4Smiles – A Southern California Children’s Charity

Stars4Smiles is a charity headquartered in southern California that connects celebrities with children in hospitals and other pediatric medical facilities. They’re a new charity and are only starting to bring smiles to the faces of kids hospitalized with serious illnesses. Stars4Smiles, together with as well as their other sponsors, bring celebrities and sick children together. Hospitals, as well as other pediatric hospitals, are usually a scary area for seriously ill children whom have to invest nearly all of their time there seeking treatment. Stars4Smiles, and other Children’s Charities, arrange for methods to make their experience less frightening by having the children visited by celebrities and receiving toys from them. By bringing celebrities straight into the hospitals to visit the youngsters, it brightens the kid’s day and makes the healthcare facility a less scary place. We can only imagine how hard it must be to spend so much time in a hospital. These loved ones are already so brave and their bravery deserves to be rewarded.

When a celebrity visits a baby in the medical facility, it brightens their day. For this reason, children’s hospitals are at the center of Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles. Rita Tateel, President of, created Stars4Smiles after coordinating celebrity visits to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach. She arranged these visits in coordination with the activities at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and the business/celebrity race taking place there. Tateel knows how important it’s to arrange for celebrities to spend time with children while they are within the hospital. Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles specialize in arranging these visits between celebrities and children with the assistance of their generous sponsors like Through the kindness of their sponsors and the generosity of celebrities, Stars4Smiles is ready to bring joy to lots of sick children in hospitals. Many children’s charities arrange for volunteers to visit sick children in the medical facility but none have experience in bringing joy to those children the way Stars4Smiles does. Thanks to their sponsor,, Stars4Smiles is ready to offer children a singular celebrity visit that they could never experience another way.

Children’s Charities often support children’s hospitals because they are the epicenter of research into childhood illness. Most children are very healthy and infrequently experience pain or discomfort beyond typical broken bones, flus and childhood asthma. While there are actually a myriad of illnesses that can affect children, nearly all of kids are healthy. Often, childhood illness is a total surprise and rare types of illnesses can be beyond the realm of local specialists. Children’s charities raise funds for these research hospitals to check and find treatment programs for illnesses of every kinds. Events like Stars4Smiles, as hosted by, bring awareness to the needs of children’s hospitals. They also feature big celebrities who make appearances in hopes of encouraging more of the people to donate and support these organizations. Together, they’re able to support a number of the needs of local hospitals through their event.

Another valuable aspect of Children’s Charities would be that they support children’s hospitals in their need to provide accommodations to both the kid and to their family. Children’s hospitals function as a community for parents who are unsure what needs to be done next. Their value to the area is endless and seeing the support they provide to young people throughout their communities proves that the funds go to good use. Funding from Children’s Charities that goes to children’s hospitals function as a safety blanket to families that may be struggling with more than childhood illness. Many families who seek treatment for youngsters have no funds to cover expensive hospitals and specialists. Charities allow it to be possible for kid’s hospitals to check out children no matter their ability to pay. In hopes of making sure no child goes without treatment, Stars4Smiles events support these charities and utilize the talent from to get interest. Children must get better regardless what their financial means are and nothing should stand of their way.

Parents should just have one concern when their child is within the hospital. No other should be forced upon them. Parents shouldn’t be expected to focus on anything other than their child. Many Children’s Charities make this goal possible. By taking off the stress of lodging, transportation, meals and more, parents you will be able to devote their interests to keeping their child as happy and comfortable as possible. Stars4Smiles does not administer medication or check arterial pressure but they do ensure that the children experience a dose of laughter and excitement. has unprecedented access to celebrities who aren’t simply influential but also kind-hearted. These megastars devote their time to providing rounds throughout the halls of hospitals in expectations of administering some happiness that is therapeutic. For their own part, celebrities love being a part of a charity like Stars4Smiles.

Stars4Smiles – A Southern California Children’s Charity