Stars4Smiles – Connecting Celebrities with Sick Children

A new charity in southern California, Stars4Smiles, is connecting celebrities with children in hospitals as well as other pediatric medical facilities. Although they are not new to bringing smiles to sick children’s faces, they are merely officially launching their charity this year. By working with their sponsor,, Stars4Smiles is connecting celebrities and sick children like never before. That’s one of the main reasons that Fortune 500 companies support Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles. Most kids become very fearful while staying inside a hospital or another medical facility. By bringing celebrities as well as their star power to those sick children, Stars4Smiles is ready to help them make the medical facility experience more manageable. The celebrity’s visits really brighten the children’s day, which explains why Fortune 500 companies really support Stars4Smiles. We can’t imagine what it’s like for an under the weather child to invest so much of their youth in the healthcare facility. It must be very hard on them and also their parents. They are so brave and that bravery is rewarded by exciting visits from celebrities!

Any child’s day is brightened via the visit of a famous celebrity. It’s obvious why Fortune 500 companies choose to aid Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles. Formed by Rita Tateel, the President of, Stars4Smiles mission began with connecting sick children and celebrities at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA. The visits were arranged in conjunction with the activities at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach while the celebrities were participating there. Tateel really understands how important celebrity visits are to sick children, and communicates this message to Fortune 500 companies who choose to help Stars4Smiles. It’s the kindness of their sponsors, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, that the work Stars4Smiles does is made possible. Although there are many children’s charities that connect sick children with volunteer visitors, none are as experienced as Stars4Smiles. By working with their professional sponsor and also their Fortune 500 supporters, Stars4Smiles provides a unique and special experience the sick children won’t ever forget.

These same organizations operate under vital knowledge that children and their families must be together. While a child suffers, often families are torn apart. It is usually not financially possible for kids to be with their families during these times. Donations by major companies to Children’s Charities provide a reprieve to the life-style juggling a number of families have to do. As an example, children who require transportation to and from doctor’s appointments can get it through‘s program Stars4Smiles. Families do not have to worry about accommodating a painful transportation situation for a kid who is connected to monitors and other devices. These specially equipped vehicles provide a safe transportation environment for children. They give parents peace of mind.

All the celebrity contribution in Stars4Smiles is arranged by their proud sponsor, led by Rita Tateel, is the expert at coordinating so many differing kinds of events. Arranging celebrity visits to hospitals is actually among the many things they excel at. In order to keep up with their growing program, they’re currently expanding in order to include three new children’s hospitals/pediatric facilities by the end of 2014. There isn’t a faster growing Children’s Charity than Stars4Smiles. With the expansion of the program into three new facilities, Stars4Smiles can reach more children than ever before before. That is yet one more reason why children’s charities, like Stars4Smiles, are supported by numerous Fortune 500 companies. Clearly it is an indication of their tremendous success that Stars4Smiles is growing as rapidly as they are.

There are many individuals which have been affected childhood illness and medical trauma. Fortune 500 companies dedicate resources to these causes as they have the power to draw attention to these issues. Despite how many people have been affected by these illnesses, they are generally forgotten if not regularly reminded. Organizations like Stars4Smiles must operate with parent companies like to collect the key names essential to attract donations and public awareness to those issues. Children’s Charities across the world operate with big name stars and large-scale sponsors to dedicate their time to sharing research and empowering families. It isn’t sufficient to just write a check. Many large companies are aware of that. In reality, star power and name recognition must be used to create an impact on the community and raise awareness of the requirements of the ill.

Celebrities love being involved with Stars4Smiles and therefore are grateful to for involving them in their program. Celebrities really love investing time and resources in the sick children and brightening their day with their star power. Not many Children’s Charities have the support of sponsors like and Fortune 500 companies. Stars4Smiles simply would not be possible without the involvement of celebrities through Stars4Smiles really owes their success to their fantastic sponsors and could not do the job without their support. They are extremely grateful for their sponsors, especially the support of high profile Fortune 500 company sponsors. All throughout southern California, Stars4Smiles will be able to do what they do best and convey joy to sick children. These sick children, and their parents, are be so grateful for the work Stars4Smiles does and can’t wait for his or her next celebrity visit!

Stars4Smiles – Connecting Celebrities with Sick Children