Stars4Smiles – Children’s Charity Supported By Fortune500 Companies

Every parent dreads the thought of hearing that a baby has an ailment that can’t be cured with an easy antibiotic and TLC. Some children suffer from rare diseases and physical trauma that require a higher level of care than specialists or local hospitals can offer. For this reason, families must take their children to inpatient facilities made for children where they will receive long-term treatment for their unfortunate conditions. In consequence, Children’s Charities from all over world have made it their goal to support these individuals through these difficult situations. Often, funding for these charities and events derive from Fortune 500 companies. Children’s organizations like Stars4Smiles incorporate corporate assistance to further their goals. By collaborating with the parent organization of Stars4Smiles,, large companies will be able to impact the lives of children throughout the country and all over the world.

Any child’s day is brightened from the visit of a famous celebrity. It’s obvious why Fortune 500 companies choose to work with Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles. Formed by Rita Tateel, the President of, Stars4Smiles’ mission began with connecting sick children and celebrities at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA. The visits were arranged around the activities at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach when the celebrities were participating there. Tateel really understands how important celebrity visits are to sick children and communicates this message to Fortune 500 companies who choose to support Stars4Smiles. It is the kindness of these sponsors, many of which are Fortune 500 companies themselves, that this work Stars4Smiles does is made possible. Although there are numerous children’s charities that connect sick children with volunteer visitors, none are as experienced as Stars4Smiles. By working with their professional sponsor and also their Fortune 500 supporters, Stars4Smiles provides a unique and special experience the sick children won’t ever forget.

The greatest reward that Rita Tateel can receive for her partnership with Stars4Smiles is seeing the smiles found on the faces of sick children after a celeb visits them. Fortune 500 companies who take part of Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles couldn’t agree more! It may be very lonely for sick children who spend the majority of their time in the medical facility or other pediatric medical facilities. However, by working with, Stars4Smiles is ready to help them ease that loneliness. Not only do Fortune 500 company sponsors feel good donating their time and money to Stars4Smiles, the celebrities involved do as well. They love to give back to the community, especially to the kids in their community. There is nothing than better viewing a child’s face after they are visited using a celebrity. By collaborating with their fine sponsors (lots of which are Fortune 500 companies), Stars4Smiles is ready to do great work.

Children’s Charities often work to offer free treatment so that parents don’t have to mortgage their own home in order to pay for his or her child’s treatment. This doesn’t, unfortunately, eliminate the entire burden on families. Often, parents are out of a job while the child is sick. Few parents want to leave their child alone when they are in treatment or at the hospital. Eventually, the living expenses put families in to debt as they fight to survive while giving their child the care that he or she needs. Often, the money is so limited that, though parents want to spoil their child, they’re unable to. Donations to Stars4Smiles from Fortune500 companies enable celebrities to bring toys to the sick patients. organizes the events that brighten the kid’s day despite financial limitations.

Stars4Smiles runs an organized and powerful program. This is another reason that Fortune 500 companies feel so comfortable supporting them. Their program works by executing three basic steps regarding their sponsors. The 1st step: arranges the celebrity visit. Step two: Stars4Smiles’ car sponsor arranges for your celebrity to be transported to and from the hospital. Step three: Stars4Smiles’ toy sponsor arranges the toy donation to be dropped off at the hospital. It is very organized and seamless, effectively making Fortune 500 companies feel competent at supporting them. Only a few Children’s Charities you will be able to work are so in sync with their sponsors as Stars4Smiles is. They present a rare treasure as a result of their community and to the sick children who’s lives they positively impact through celebrity visits.

There are several organizations across the country that provide assistance to sick children and their families. The goal is to ensure that parents have nothing else to focus on. Their child ought to be the only most important thing of their lives while he or she is suffering. The interaction from many Fortune 500 companies provide families with the opportunity to focus only on that. While parents are making their children the priority, organizations like Stars4Smiles offer the spiritual boost that many children and their families need., as well as their directors, have the positive history of organizing countless celebrity appearances. These same celebrities then volunteer their time at their very own discretion to attend the events and raise awareness campaigns of Children’s Charities. Despite their extensive experience, cannot require this sort of participation. Instead, the participation is entirely voluntarily and the memories created are unforgettable for many parties involved.

Stars4Smiles – Children’s Charity Supported By Fortune500 Companies