Stars4Smiles Brightens Sick Children’s Days

Based in southern California, Stars4Smiles is a children’s charity that connects celebrities with children by going to visit with them in pediatric clinics and hospitals. Although they are not new to connecting sick children with the stars, the charity has just formed and is launching this year. With the help of their sponsors like, Stars4smiles bring celebrities fame to sick children. As hospitals can be a very scary spot for sick children, the star power that celebrities bring upon arriving could have a huge impact on a toddler’s life. Hospitals along with other pediatric hospitals are made considerably less scary when celebrities use their star power to develop new, exciting memories for sick children. Children’s charities such as Stars4Smiles reward these sick children’s bravery with celebrity visits and help them manage their treatment.

Recently, actor Chris Pratt was spotted wandering around a children’s hospital. He didn’t appear to be the goofy and toned actor that many of adults have come to know and love, though. Instead, he was dressed as Star Lord, a familiar character to several children in addition to star of the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Pratt had actually “stolen” his costume for a short time from the movie set to use at the medical facility and share with the inspirational young people. Children’s Charities around the world raise money to support endeavors like this. The President of, Rita Tateel, has two decades of experience in organizing celebrity appearances. Something became apparent after seeing the impact that these folks can have on children. An organization like Stars4Smiles would not merely be appreciated, it was becoming necessary.

The smiles that celebrity’s fame offers to children’s faces is all the reward Stars4Smiles is looking for. Just when they need them the most, Children’s Charities like Stars4Smiles are there to bring joy to a sick child’s life. It may be very lonely for sick children who spend a majority of their amount of time in the hospital. By partnering with, Stars4Smiles interrupts that lonely day with star power. Celebrities feel comfortable about lending their fame to a children’s charity like Stars4Smiles. It’s important to them to repay the community that’s helped to aid them and their career. Nothing compares to seeing the joy on an under the weather child’s face after being visited by the celebrity. What Stars4Smiles produces in these children’s lives is unmatched in any other way.

Celebrities who support programs like Stars4Smiles are going to do it for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, they’ve personally been affected by childhood pain and suffering. In some cases, they simply appreciate the opportunity to spend time with children who have endured through difficult times. Additionally, they may recognize that their presence is often enough to drive awareness to the charity or hospital that they’re visiting. Celebrities who attend such programs and events to give out toys and ensure transportation with are invited to participate. They’re never required to come. Their participation signals a dedication to human kind and Children’s Charities that can not be forced upon anyone. Furthermore, their interaction with these children provides a morale boost and the celebrities often leave inspired as well.

When you are managing a Children’s Charity, organization is so important. Stars4Smiles excels at organization and keeps their program running smoothly. With help from their sponsor, Stars4Smiles is in a position to successfully manage celebrity star power involvement with the children in a versatile and seamless way. How their program works is very straightforward: Stars4Smiles’ car sponsors send a car to pickup the celebrity and deliver them to the hospital to visit the sick children. At the same time, their toy sponsors arrange the donated toys to be dropped off at the medical facility for your celebrities to hand out. Stars4Smiles excels in bringing all their sponsors together to develop an exceptional experience for sick children. Nothing brightens these kids’ days greater than when celebrities visit them and get them excited regarding their fame. By running their program by this means, Stars4Smiles is able to do what few children’s charities are able to do so well; provide an exceptional star power packed experience for sick children.

Though they are generally blessed with bountiful means and plenty of luxuries, spending time at a children’s hospital or at a Children’s Charity event is not a required activity for celebrities. In fact, they may skip over them entirely without many people even noticing. With that being said, many do not, and is fortunate to have organized events for several of these incredibly giving people. They operate with organizations like Stars4Smiles to give out gifts, offer transportation and improve the spirits of these tiny fighters. They may be the largest names but the children are the stars when Stars4Smiles reaches them. Smiles really are the goal of the day and the medical facility guests do their best to ensure that these children get to smile with huge, beaming grins. Celebrity support brings awareness to the need of Children’s Charities. They make sure that families have what they need to support their child through this difficult time.

Stars4Smiles Brightens Sick Children’s Days